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  • Project Name: Community Outreach (10K Youth)
  • Location: Ntondozi, Eswatini
  • Speakers: Mr. Mark & Doctor J.
  • Year Completed: 2018

10K is a project that helps the youth overcome many challenges they face, intellectual foundations is a legally registered NGO that focusing on youth matters seeks to improve youth access to personal development information. It is believed that such information would create a resilient youth determined to overcome life’s challenges.

Personal development is a deliberate action to invest in yourself so that you can manage yourself successfully in different circumstances life might throw at you. In other words, the aim of personal development is to equip yourself with necessary skills, knowledge, etc. Needed to overcome current and future life encounters.

To achieve the desired goal, a 5 year program called the 10K youth empowerment was established.  The program seeks to empower 10 000 youth with personal development services. Program started in 2017. One aspect of this program is visiting communities and carrying out community workshops for out of school youth.

Project Objectives

  1. To develop an accessible personal development information hub on youth matter.
  2. To create and facilitate personal development dialogue between the youth and stakeholders
  3. To grow a vibrant nationwide youth network