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  • Project Name: High School Program
  • Organizer: Intellectual Foundations
  • Location: Sidvwashini Ind-site NS Complex, Block A, 3 Top Mbabane, Eswatini

The high school program is desired to help students to improve their grades at school whilst also building on their mindset to enable them to develop themselves even further to overcome current and future life challenges.

Program Outline
The program will touch on 4 strategic areas. These are listed below:
• Personal development
• Studying methods
• Career guidance
• Youth Opportunities

Breakdown Of Each Program Unit
Personal development
Personal development is meant to help the youth become the best version of themselves that they can. This involves helping them overcome current challenges through creating a positive and resilient mindset. This teaching attempts to help the students overcome challenges which include peer pressure, low self-esteem and poor goal setting targets.
Studying tips
This category of the program is meant to provide the students with the different study methods so they can discover which works best for them. It has been noted by most teachers that the students who excel are usually the ones who know and accept their academic ability then find a studying method that works best with their academic/ information absorption ability.
Career guidance
The aim of this category of information sharing is to help the students know more about the potential careers they plan to be part off. Intellectual Foundations invites professionals who are already in the work environment to come share their experiences on the careers they are in.
Youth Opportunities
In this talk with the students, they are exposed to the many opportunities available for them. This includes the different scholarship opportunities, income generating opportunities and mentorship opportunities. Some of these opportunities are availed by government while other are availed by companies and individuals.