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  • Project Name: University Support Program
  • Organizer: Intellectual Foundations
  • Location: Sidvwashini Ind-site NS Complex, Block A, 3 Top Mbabane, Eswatini

This program is designed to provide additional support to university students to help them cope with the challenges and stresses facing university students. The support is grouped into the following categories:

Networking Events and Training
To increase understanding and appreciation of a profession while also boosting chances of employability, it is useful to start building a professional network as soon as possible. These networking platforms teach students how to approach professionals both online and offline. The platform also organizes regular events linking students with professionals. The training also helps students build their portfolio (with tools such as linkedin) to boost employability or boost credibility should the student decide to take the entrepreneurship route.

Study Skills Training and Workshops
These study skills workshops and training courses teach students effectively revision strategies and time management skills. These skills are not only important for tertiary but they cut across all aspects of an individual’s life.

Career Counseling
Career counseling workshops are the perfect way for students to explore their motivation which lead to finding good matching career paths. Career counseling is especially useful if you are not quite sure which direction to head in.

Program Implementation
The program requires students to register on the program every semester. A once-off semester fee of E100 per student is paid to be part of the program. The E100 fee covers all services offered by the program for that semester. Depending on the agreements between Intellectual Foundations and the tertiary institution, workshops will be conducted on campus or out-of-campus.
The more involved an institution is on the program, the more benefits the program will have for the students in that particular institution. This program does allow for an institution to request or recommend an additional activity to be added to it, to better suit the needs of their students. E.g. team building for students or lecturers. This additional activity would likely be charged to the institution.